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Company Profile – Marketing your BUSINESS

It’s no secret that many businesses are doing it tough out there, but what are you doing to make sure you can market yourself to new prospects?

A Company Profile is an affordable and effective way to market your business and provides prospective clients with useful information about you and your business.

A well written and presented Company Profile is a great way to market your business and attract the right customers. It’s no good being the best tradesperson in town if no one knows.

6 tips on writing a great Company Profile:

  • Your profile should clearly demonstrate your capacity to deliver project outcomes;
  • Write your profile with your readers in mind. What’s in it for them? How can you help them?;
  • Highlight your points of difference from your competitors;
  • Provide only useful information about your business;
  • Keep it interesting and write it in a way that the reader can understand;and
  • Add testimonials from previous happy customers.

Contracting some external assistance may be the best way to have your Company Profile developed and ensure it is clear, professional and targeting your desired audience. You would employ the services of a contractor to carry out other specialist tasks on your work sites, why not do the same to help you market your business and secure new opportunities?

Can Off the Tools help? 

Off the Tools can provide tried and tested Company Profile templates which can be adapted to your business or can assist in the preparation of your Company Profile document.

Company Profiles produced by Off the Tools will usually include (depending on your potential readers):

  • Introduction – listing Company name, address, status and contact details as well as highlighting your business’ points of difference.
  • Services – lists your core and specialised services.
  • Experience – list of recent projects completed and details the works carried out, project values and clients.
  • Resources – details on key personnel, plant and equipment and availability of resources.
  • Compliance – lists your compliance with OHS, codes of practice, quality assurance, industrial relations, environmental management and insurances.
  • Referees and testimonials – a great testimonial can seal the deal.
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