Project Management Plan Template

Project Management Plan | PMP

Project Management PlanThis 125 page Project Management Plan (PMP) template has been created to provide business owners with an “all-in-one” project specific management plan.

This Project Management Plan template outlines your company’s Work Health and Safety (WHS), Environmental and Quality Management requirements and provides information and tools to ensure each is effectively managed during a project.

A well written Project Management Plan outlines how your business will effectively manage a project and clearly lists management responsibilities, training, communication management, incident management and project schedules. The PMP has been developed in accordance with:

  • International Standards Organisation (ISO) 14001;
  • International Standards Organisation (ISO) 9001;
  • Australian Standard/New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 4801 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Specification; and
  • WHS Regulations 2011

All Off the Tools management plan templates are available for instant download and come in editable MS Word format. Each plan includes guidance notes to assist with adding relevant company and project specific information.

Click on the Project Management Plan template image for a snapshot of the structure of the document.

Price: $995.00

The Off the Tools Project Management Plan template includes:

  • Continual Improvement
  • Management Responsibilities
  • Approvals and Licenses
  • Project Milestones
  • Project Schedule
  • Reporting
  • Training
  • Communication
  • Incident and Injury Management
  • Management of Subcontractors and Site Access
  • Project Management Plan Monitoring
  • Auditing
  • Complaints
  • Corrective Action
  • Project Management Plan Review
  • Supporting forms and Schedule
  • Work Health and Safety Management
  • Environmental Management
  • Quality Management

The PMP also includes the following 45 schedules:

  • Register of Controlled Copy Holders
  • Document Delivery Register
  • Site Induction Register
  • Incident and Injury Management Procedures
  • Incident and Injury Report Form
  • Incident and Injury Register
  • Hazardous Substances Register
  • Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Register
  • Non-Conformance Report Form
  • Subcontractor Register
  • Training Plan
  • Training Register
  • Complaints Form
  • Site Safety Checklist
  • Site Environmental Inspection Checklist
  • Audit Checklist
  • PPE Guidelines
  • Tool Box/Pre Start Talks Form
  • Risk Management Process
  • Risk Assessment Worksheet
  • Risk Checklist
  • Hazard Checklist
  • Injury Checklist
  • Subcontractor Safety Checklist
  • Hazardous Substances Risk Checklist
  • Hazard Report Form
  • Electrical Tagging Register
  • PPE Register
  • Plant and Equipment Checklist
  • Environmental Risk Assessment
  • Waste Register
  • Purchasing Policy
  • Purchasing Procedures and Checklist
  • Purchasing Register
  • Incoming Inspection Checklist
  • Storage and Protection Checklist
  • Inspection and Test Plan – Help Notes
  • Inspection and Test Plan – Ready Reckoner
  • Inspection and Test Plan Checklist – Ready Reckoner
  • Inspection and Test Plan – Template
  • Inspection and Test Plan Checklist – Template
  • Inspection and Test Plan – Electrical Works Example
  • Inspection and Test Plan – Painting Works Example
  • Inspection and Test Plan Checklist – Electrical Works Example
  • Inspection and Test Plan Checklist – Painting Works Example

Project Management Plan Features:

  • Instant download
  • Ready made template – simply add you company and project details using guidance notes provided
  • Editable MS Word Format