Environmental Management Plan Template

Environmental Management Plan | EMP

Environmental Management PlanThis 37 page Environmental Management Plan (EMP) template is a site or project specific EMP developed to ensure that appropriate environmental management practices are followed. The Environmental Management Plan has been developed in accordance with State and Federal guideline documents and complies with International Standards Organisation (ISO) 14001.

All Off the Tools management plan templates are available for instant download and come in editable MS Word format. Each plan includes guidance notes to assist with adding relevant company and project specific information.

Implementing an Environmental Management Plan for a work site allows your business to effectively manage environmental issues of a project from the planning stage through to delivery.

Price: $395.00

The Off the Tools Environmental Management Plan Includes:

  • Environmental Policy
  • Environmental Management Structure and Responsibility
  • Approval and Licensing Requirements
  • Reporting
  • Environmental Training
  • Emergency Contacts and Response
  • Risk Assessment
  • Environmental Management Activities and Controls
  • Environmental Control Plan
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Environmental Auditing
  • Communication
  • Complaints
  • Corrective Action
  • Environmental Management Plan Review

Click on the Environmental Management Plan template image for a snapshot of the structure of the document. The EMP also includes the following 7 schedules:

  • Site Environmental Induction Register
  • Site Environmental Inspection Checklist
  • Environmental Complaint Form
  • Non-Conformance Report Form
  • Hazardous Substances Register
  • Safety Data Sheets (SDS) Register
  • Waste Register

Environmental Management Plan Features:

  • Instant download
  • Ready made template – simply add you company and project details using guidance notes provided
  • Editable MS Word Format