Home Renovations

Thinking of renovating?

Renovating your home has many advantages. You can transform your home to suit your changing lifestyle needs by creating more living space, extra storage or a bigger entertaining area. You may need additional bedrooms or bathrooms if your existing layout can’t cope with a growing family. If you are planning to sell, a renovation may increase the street appeal and add the features required to ensure you get the best sale price for your property.

Using three-dimensional plans to show renovation layouts

When carrying out renovations to your home, it is more than likely plans will be required to show new layouts and arrangements . Three-dimensional (3D) plans allow you to view a working model and see what the renovations will look like and how the space to be renovated will actually work. This is much better than trying to visualise flat two-dimensional (2D) plans and 3D plans cost around the same to produce as 2D plans.

Advantages of 3D modelling include:

  • A smoother design process for the home owner, drafter and builder.
  • Design changes can be made with increased speed and accuracy.
  • Virtual tours, walkthroughs and perspectives of the proposed development can be produced.

Are you thinking of selling?

If you are thinking of selling your home and believe that a renovation will add value to the sale price but you can’t afford the building costs, why not market your house’s potential to buyers instead? By having DA approved three-dimensional plans produced, you can highlight the renovation possibilities to buyers who can see the potential value for their future home after the renovations are carried out. This could be appealing to first home buyers who want to get into the market and are happy to renovate or investors who are looking to buy, renovate and then sell for a profit.

How can Off the Tools help?

Off the Tools will ensure your renovation ideas are modelled in a realistic way, allowing you to get a clear picture of what renovations will look like following construction. This process also allows for subsequent changes before construction takes place which is much cheaper than finding out when it’s too late. We use sophisticated 3D Modelling software to prepare all drawings, ensuring real life problems are encountered at the design phase. To ensure the whole process is cost effective and efficient, we can work in conjunction with your builder of choice or one that we recommend, taking the design from concept stage through to the construction phase, whilst meeting all the current building regulations. We can also prepare Development Application drawings for Council submission along with the required documentation. Visit our Council Approvals Page for more information.

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