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Most builders and tradies know that being successful in today’s business environment involves more than just being good at your chosen trade. You need a working knowledge of a whole range of construction business services you won’t learn on the job. Off the Tools is a dedicated team of business professionals and trade experts who have come together to provide construction products and services for you. Our online store provides a range of products including construction templates for builders and trade business owners. Each template will save you hours of research and development and are customisable to suit your business needs. If you are a builder, a tradesman or prefer to be called a tradie, you can add value to your business and spend less time off tools by contacting us today.
Most tradies we speak to are comfortable doing their job, however, nearly all of them need some assistance from time to time doing some of the “Off the Tools” tasks. Is this also a problem for you?
Would you rather spend more time doing the things you want, earn more from each job and enjoy going to work? If so, click on the button below to find out how to do it better.

The Top 7 Issues Tradies have in their Business

84% struggle to ensure their paperwork is up to date
81% need help to cover their OHS requirements
78%  don’t calculate the true cost of a job
76%  find it difficult to attract new clients or jobs
76%  lack the time and knowledge to prepare their own tender submissions 
72%  battle to demonstrate compliance on Commercial and/or Government projects
70%  are challenged by not having written systems
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