Tendering Services

Tendering can be time consuming for small to medium sized businesses, the documentation can be confusing and not knowing how to tender can cause frustration. If your business is running to full capacity you will be concentrating on your core business and may not have the time to prepare and submit a Government Tender, an Express ion of Interest (EOI) for a maintenance contract or even contractor prequalification tenders for work as a preferred subcontractor carrying out regular work for a principal contractor. Off the Tools provide a range of Tendering Services to suit your needs and budget.

Benefits of Tendering

  • Win new work and/or important contracts;
  • Establish new business relationships;
  • Break into new markets; and
  • Grow your business.

Preparing a winning tender
Preparing a successful tender involves more than being the cheapest supplier of a product or service. Successful tenders will almost always:
  • Clearly demonstrate your capacity to deliver tender outcomes;
  • Conform to tender submission requirements;
  • Are presented concisely and with visual impact to impress; and
  • Highlight your “point of difference” and “value added” services which makes your business stand out.
Three key factors in WINNING bids
You generally need all three to win

Some common mistakes include:
  • Leaving it too late;
  • Missing mandatory briefing meetings;
  • Submitting a non-conforming tender because you didn’t address one of the essential requirements;
  • Thinking getting someone to help is too expensive when it can be just a few days work in many cases; and
  • Not having the necessary policies and procedures (even though in practice you actually do everything required to a high standard, it’s just not documented).

Can Off the Tools help?


Off the Tools can help you prepare a tender from the very beginning or simply act as an editor / advisor on your tender submission. Our role depends on how much time you have and what role you want to take in developing the tender.

Off the Tools can assist you if:

  • You are overwhelmed by the apparent complexity of tenders or are just unsure of the tendering game and the rules that apply;
  • You are looking to win your first government contract (local, state or federal);you are too busy servicing your existing clients and managing the daily aspects of running a small business;
  • You know you need to submit that bid, but how can you possibly find the time to prepare it; and
  • You want to avoid the late nights and last minute rush, and increase your chances of winning!!

Tendering Services provided by Off the Tools include

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