Estimating Services

Preparing an accurate estimate of construction costs or calculating build costs can be time consuming and often unrewarding without the right tools and techniques. You may be the best at your chosen trade but preparing quantities and construction cost estimates without confidence can cause frustration and keep you away from doing the things you are good at. Construction estimating is not a simple task, but one that should be carried out systematically to ensure you accurately calculate the true building costs.
To be competitive in the market place and ensure you make money is often a fine balance and one of the most important tasks in the running of your business.

Estimating Tips:

  • Plan the work – draft a construction plan for the project so you are aware of possible scheduling issues before you submit your price. It’s no good to discover later that you need to pay overtime or employ external help to get the job done;
  • Review past estimates and actual costs and compare against your estimates for those jobs;  Learn from past mistakes or unforeseen problems on similar jobs;
  • Implement a weighting factor which you apply to your estimate which measures the complexity of this job versus past jobs;
  • Obtain quotes from subcontractors and suppliers at the earliest possible time. Delays in receiving this component of your estimate may cost you the job; and
  • Contract some external assistance.
Contracting some external estimating assistance may be the first step to take control and have confidence in your estimate or quotation. You would employ the services of a contractor to carry out other specialist tasks on your sites, why not do the same to help you win those jobs? Using effective estimating techniques and software is the best way to achieve accuracy, win more work and ensure a profitable job.

Can Off the Tools help?

Off the Tools can provide first class assistance to your business as the need arises. Our involvement can be as little as reviewing an estimate already prepared for accuracy through to providing accurate quantities and a detailed pricing report for any type of job, be it big or small. Using industry leading Cordell’s Estimator v4, we have instant access to industry rates across most trades and first class reporting templates which can be adapted for your business.

Click here to view Cordell’s Estimator v4.

Estimating Services provided by Off the Tools include:
  • Bills of Quantities
  • Rates / Pricing
  • Quotations
  • Estimates / Pricing Reports
  • Estimate reviews
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