Council Approval

Council Approval – New Homes, Alterations & Extentions

Council ApprovalObtaining Council approval from your local city Council for your alterations, renovations, extensions, new homes, structures or anything involving the development approval process can be a confusing and often stressful experience for most home and property owners. If you require Council approval in the Sydney Metro area or surrounds, Off the Tools can assist by providing services including drafting Council plans and producing associated documentation required for your Development Approval (DA) or Complying Development (CDC).

Obtain Council Approval through Off the ToolsThe very first step of design and planning is critical to achieve Council approval for your proposed development. Although it does vary, most local Councils will require the following items to be submitted as part of obtaining Council approval:

  • Application Forms
  • Survey Plan
  • Architectural drawings – Site Plan, Existing and Proposed Floor Plans, Demolition Plan, Roof Plan, External Elevations, Cross Sections and Shadow Diagrams
  • Perspective or 3D external views
  • Building Specifications
  • Colour Schedules of new external materials
  • Waste Management Plan (WMP)
  • Statement of Environmental Effects (SEE)
  • Erosion and Sediment Control Plan (ESCP)
  • Structural design and drawings
  • BASIX Certification. BASIX is the Building and Sustainability Index, visit the BASIX website for more information

5 tips on gaining Council Approval:

  • Gather all the information before you start – drawings, specifications, application forms, Development Control Plan (DCP) for your local Council and your Local Environment Plan (LEP);
  • Obtain a Section 149 Certificate from your local Council which will note any planning restrictions on your land;
  • Use your local Council’s development approval checklists to determine what you need to provide for your development;
  • Arrange a meeting with Council’s staff to discuss your development at an early stage and again prior to lodgement to make sure you have provided everything that is required to achieve Council approval; and
  • Contract some external assistance.

If you are unsure whether your development requires a Development Application (DA), or if it is a Complying or Exempt Development, visit the links below or Contact Us.

NSW Planning website – Exempt and Complying Developments

NSW Housing Code – A guide to complying developments

Why use Off the Tools for Council Approval?

  • Council Approval Plans produced by Off the ToolsWe provide first class assistance to home owners and builders who wish to provide a design and construction service;
  • We can prepare your drawings and your application and other supporting documents for Council approval resulting in fewer consultants, less hassle and cost savings;
  • We can usually lodge an application and associated documents for Council approval without the use of a Planner. However if complex planning issues are discovered, we have a good working relationship with several consultants and can obtain specialist planning advice on demand.
  • We can coordinate the preparation of your Survey Plan and Structural Design
  • We can introduce you to recommended builders and other trades

Council Approval Services provided by Off the Tools include:

  • Coordination of Application Forms
  • Architectural and Construction drawings
  • Building Specifications
  • Colour Schedules of new external materials
  • Waste Management Plans (WMP)
  • Statements of Environmental Effects (SEE)
  • Erosion and Sediment Control Plans (ESCP)
  • BASIX Certification;
  • Heritage Impact Statements
  • Bushfire Assessment Reports
  • Photo montages
  • Liasion and meetings with Council

Contact Us for more information on how we can assist with your council approval.

I contacted Off the Tools to obtain council approval after a referral from our builder as I needed drawings prepared for my extension and renovation as well as the preparation and coordination of my development application for council approval.

Our property is located in a heritage conservation area and Matt from Off the Tools was very meticulous in complying with Council’s regulations for the area. This limited what could be accomplished with Council’s Development Control Plan, however a very satisfactory result has been achieved.

I believe working in tandem with the builder, designers and engineers to obtain council approval has its advantages, both in terms of cost and coordination of services. Off the Tools coordinated all aspects of the design and ensured all parties were working towards a solution which was compliant with Council.

My son and I are extremely pleased with the design plans for the extensions and renovations to our home. The service and design produced by Off the Tools has been outstanding. Matt was professional and courteous at all times and consulted with us when required, ensuring our needs were met. Off the Tools offer quality, cost effective council approval services to home owners and I would have no hesitation in recommending their council approval services to friends and neighbours who are contemplating extensions and renovations to their properties.

Ruth Cox
Home Owner
0425 217 061