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Architectural drawings – Concepts and Council Approval Drawing

Architectural drawings are produced by a draftsperson or an architect using Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) software. Architectural Drafting usually begins with Concept Floor Plans or sketches to ensure the correct function is achieved. Once the Concept Plan is finalised, drafting of numerous architectural drawings for Council Approval can be produced.

Your local Council will usually request the following architectural drawings to be submitted with a Development Application (DA) for approval or to obtain Complying Development Certification (CDC):

  • Site Plan
  • Existing Floor Plans
  • Proposed Floor Plans
  • Demolition Plan
  • Roof Plan
  • External Elevations
  • Cross Sections
  • Shadow Diagrams
  • Perspective or 3D external views

Following approval of architectural drawings by your local Council, your architectural drawings can be issued to your builder for final pricing and preparation prior to construction.

Off the Tools provide a range of cost effective and accurate architectural drafting services including house design, office fit outs, extensions, renovations or alterations and additions to existing structures. We can also coordinate the preparation of a Survey Plan and Structural Design and Certification with your architectural drawings when required providing a seamless, hassle free approach for your drafting requirements.

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Architectural Drawings

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